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How Facebook Changes the World We Live In

Facebook project updates

Mark Zuckerberg’s fame on the internet world is so phenomenal. Gifted with the ability to code a program while at Harvard, he and his friends made something that would change the world and Facebook is changing the world today undoubtedly. The world is united and reconnected by this number one social media platform, and it is serving the world for free! Yet Mark does not stop there, he is wanting more…

To Network the World

About two-thirds of the world population (or 4 billion) still has no access to the internet. Facebook (headed by Mark) aims to connect everyone by giving free access to the internet. Facebook has been working on so many projects and prototypes over the years in pursuit to making this goal a reality.


Their initiative called internet.org, along with partnerships with some biggest companies in telecommunication, aims to bring internet closer to people in the developing countries.


Facebook started in regions with existing infrastructures, it offers free basics service where people won’t need to pay a single cost. No money at stake but their usage is concentrated on what Facebook wants them to navigate. It clearly sets no competition invading the free basics service. This could also identify the factors that the developers would need to know in order to improve the said service.


Facebook has also started working on projects to provide internet access to those areas without any infrastructure yet – in remote areas.

The Aquila drone

Facebook presented its prototype last July 2015 to the world. The Aquila drone, having almost the same wingspan as Boeing 737 but lightweight at 400 kg., is designed to stay in the air for 90 days while circling at the radius of about 3 km. It rises daily from 18,000 m to 28,000 m in altitude and goes back to its starting altitude in order to save energy.


A laser invented by Facebook which can transmit info in gigabits will transmit data from a distance of 16 km or more. Then the drone sends the internet connection signal to the homes where it’s flying over. The drone should create 80 km perimeter on the area where it is moving.

Terragraph Technology

Facebook has also been working on two more projects on the same goal of connecting the world. A Terragraph technology is introduced which is made out of nodes that would be useful in crowded regions such as some places in India. This device signals can pass through buildings using special transmitters, with no trouble at 60GHz. Facebook wants to make sure that residents get broadband access without wiring their homes for net.


This is still under a test phase but the prototypes have already been made and testing is being coordinated with partners.

The Aries project

This is also a new project which attempts to hone the efficiency of the antennae and radio spectrum. The process is called a spatial multiplexing which tries to open 24 data channels in one antenna, and 96 numbers of antennae are to be installed on one tower only. This aims to expand broadband internet in rural areas with distanced receivers.

In Conclusion

These projects are no joke and as Facebook had announced about the funding of hundreds of millions of dollars to make these happen, I somehow see the sincerity of Facebook’s CEO to achieve his goal to make the world a better place.


Truly, internet helps us in our lives since it has been built and I sympathize for people who do not even know what an internet is. Having the courage to network everyone and connect all people to the world through the internet is another phenomenon to witness.  Well, I won’t be surprised if somehow Facebook will get profit from these projects (it’s still business and so the partnership happens), but not from the people who have been deprived of knowledge and world awareness all their lives. One day, and I believe it is going to happen soon, we will all be connected in this sense.