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Latest Top 10 Countries Providing the Fastest Internet Speed

Top 10 countries with fastest net

The known average of loading a web page is at 6.3 megabits per second, and this was globally observed recently. While this seems fast enough to watch an online streaming movie and send an email at decent bytes, depending on how you are using the internet (i.e. uploading bigger files like videos), you might find that the average speed is still slow. This is even proven by the Massachusetts-based internet provider Akami Technologies in their latest study on how internet speeds still stack up in countries across the globe.


They recently released a report for the first quarter of this year, ranking ten countries having the fastest internet speed in the world. [Source: Business Insider]


#10 Finland

The speed of the internet in Finland is 17.7 mbps on the average and this is relatively fast.  Six years ago, the Ministry of Transport & Communications in the country offered every Finnish at least a 1 mbps connection. I bet the adjustments of the citizens of Finland were quite historic.


A 1 mbps net speed will not even give you a relaxed state of mind when watching a YouTube video, it’ll let you send an email in very slow pace.


#9 Czech Republic

The internet in Czech Republic is amazingly at 17.8 mbps on average. Their speed increased by 31% compared to last year’s. This is above what most Americans would consider average. This speed lets you watch HD videos without any buffering.


#8 The Netherlands

This country is at 17.9 mbps on average. The Netherlands also has the highest percentage of households using the internet among European Union two years ago, as per 2014 report.


#7 Japan

Japan is known to provide advancement in technology and is rich enough to support this aim. Ranking at 2nd in Q4 of 2015, Japan is now providing an internet speed average of 18.2 mbps. This is still relatively fast, allowing multiple people using the internet by watching Netflix, playing online games and surfing the net using multiple devices at a time without any delay.


#6 Latvia

Latvia’s average net speed is at 18.3 mbps which is nearly three times faster than the universal average.


#5 Switzerland

Switzerland has managed to increase their internet speed by 26% from last year, which gives an 18.7 mbps on average nowadays.


#4 Hongkong

The people living in Hongkong is having an average net speed of 19.9 mbps. This country is known as one of the first to reach 60 mbps in 2013.


#3 Sweden

Sweden has an increase of 32% from their last year’s net speed, enjoying a 20.6 mbps on average today. Wow, can’t wait to learn what I can do with the speed at the number one post!


#2 Norway

Norway has the largest growth of speed at 68%, giving its lucky citizens a speed of 21.3 mbps.


#1 South Korea

People who reside in South Korea enjoys the fastest internet speed in the world at 29 mbps.  This is 4.6 faster that the global average. Imagine downloading a HD movie (5000 mb average) at around 2.5 minutes! That’s how fast this speed is.


However, while Koreans feel ‘gifted’ with that speed, the country has an intense parameters on internet censorship according to the report of the nonprofit Freedom House.


Wrapping Up

Perhaps you have just imagined yourself going on a vacation to any of these countries. A faster speed of the internet is one of the factors to consider if the country is getting good economic growth. Providing this privilege to your citizens leaves a good impression of advancement to the world.